The Distinguished Gentlemen extend their reach to France!

The Distinguished Gentlemen have been offered the chance of a lifetime. After years of hard work and dedication, God has broadened our horizons to the far reaches of the world. The Distinguished Gentlemen are traveling to France to perform for the people of another nation. You can read all about The Gentlemen’s upcoming adventure in the following link:

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  1. This makes me proud to see a group that I have joined years ago, has come to this point. Coming from my eyes, seeing the different venues and people who we performed for, and to finally get the chance to go out of country is amazing. It’s nice to see another historical times in The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word timeline.

  2. I have to take the time out to personally and openly thank Miss. Honey for the once in a lifetime of opportunity in my life and having a testimony in something that is bigger than me. I am learning that the true substance of a dream is measured in the validity of the vision you work for. With that being said, I must give thanks also to the Plain Dealer, for their huge assistance in capturing a story for the books. I also like to thank the people who supported us and funders alike for it is your belief in our dreams that becomes a reality! Thank you for your messages and feed back. God Bless!
    – Jaleel Pegues

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