A Day In The Life Of a Gent

DGSW on the Road (Indiana)

My experience going to Gary, Indana with the Distinguished Gentleman was an interesting one. Everything that led to the performance, from leaving the building with everything necessary to ensure a smooth ride and that meant everyone had a garment bag with polished shoes, black socks, bow ties, black shirts, pressed fire rags, each person needed a cap and gown ironed, brushes and combs, and even colonels, I was a little spent. I could only imagine how Miss Honey was feeling. I also had to be the one to put an end to the fun, for I had prom just the next day. I battled with the possibility of ruining prom because or the six hour distance from Gary, Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio. We said our prayers and drove off to Indian, felt like a time warp because the hours changed as well. Being that it was my first time in Indiana I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. On the van we goofed, wrote poetry, sung and danced in our seats and occasionally you would catch brothers bonding even in their sleep by one leaning on the other for support with mouth wide open knocked out. We also had practices runs for our show the next day. We arrived around 8 o’clock at the hotel. We checked in and left out for the city lights and dinner at Golden Coral and that was a first as well. The food was okay but the people were nice since they stayed open longer for us. Back at the hotel we were roomed with two other guys, some hung in other people’s rooms for a while and that made me smile because brotherhood is key to sticking together. The next morning was all about time precision, we ate breakfast and loaded the van in a timely manner. Then we arrived at the venue and kids from all different kinds of schools were in atendence. Knowing that our peers are the hardest to preform for I was nervous. But the audience really liked the show we put on. We thanked the people for the privilege of having us preform for them. Heading back on the road was very uneasy because we were down to the wire and with all the suspense I continuously received calls for my whereabouts from my date. Finally, we got home and though we missed line up,  prom was beautiful.-Jaleel Pegues

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