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Do Parents have the Right to Invade your Privacy?

In my opinion, I don’t think parents should invade their kids privacy. If there’s something that is happening with a child, if they have any common sense and still choose not to tell their parents, they probably have a reason for it. Whether it’s something their parents most likely will embarrass them about or something that their parents are better not knowing. Especially my parents. If there’s anything I need to tell them I would. But they just hacked my Facebook for whatever reason; they probably think I’m crazy or something. Because, honestly, my mother doesn’t like the fact that people spend so much time on electronics. When she wants to be, she is just a family worship kind of person, so if we spend a lot of time on something other than that, she might get a little upset. Tell me what ya’ll think about this. -James Banks

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  1. I don’t think parents should invade their children’s privacy because parents should give them a certain degree of trust and responsibility. Teens especially should be able to experience things such as sex, social media and etc. Like my grandmother, for example, had to learn to let me have my space. She realized that she was a teen before and had to find a way to relate to me to a certain extent. Most parents these days let their children do whatever they want. That is why most teens end up dead, in the hospital, or on drugs because their parents didn’t take disciplinary action against them when they were children. I wouldn’t want my grandmother invading my privacy. Parents in most cases can be overprotective on their children but eventually you must let your children live their own lives -Arthur Gaston

  2. Ask me this question three or even two years ago and my answer would have been drastically different. Now that I can look at my early teenage years in retrospect, I can say for a fact that parents should absolutely have the right to invade their child’s privacy. Now often times parents take this power to the extreme, which drives away their kids. But if you consider the access that teens have now a days to social media and, in turn, to people all across the globe, then some degree of checking up on a teen is required. If for no better reason, they reserve this right/power due to the fact that teens these days seem to show no respect for their bodies or the bodies of their fellow teens. It seems as if they’re constantly blinded by this hormone filled rage that makes them eager for any type of sexual relationship. Also, in most cases, they aren’t emotionally or mentally prepared for the ramifications of said relationships. And if I was a parent, and invading my child’s privacy was the ONLY way I could keep them from being foolish, then I’d do it in a heartbeat. That being said, I also believe that this invasion of privacy should only come as a last resort. Parents need to have some level of trust in their kids so those kids can develop some sense of responsibility. -Greg Broadwater

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