Do Violent Music and Video Games Make You Violent?

I believe that it doesn’t really impact people but it adds on to someone’s personality who already lives that way. I could use myself as an example. I play GTA5 like there’s no tomorrow and I sometimes listen to trap music (when its actually good) and I am not living like a violent hood rat. They’re not going to influence someone who knows better. It’s takes more than just negative lyrics to change an entire race. -James Banks

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  1. I say no, video games do not make you violent because how does something you play make you violent? The reason that I say no is because I play violent video games and I am not violent. And most children in the United States play Call of Duty and they all are not all violent. Also, how is something you listen to going to make you violent? I say that because you didn’t make it so its not going to make you violent, simple as that. And parents shouldn’t let their children play violent video games until they are 13 anyway so they won’t be exposed to violence at such young ages. The same applies for violent music too. I don’t see how either music or video games can make you violent but by limiting a child’s access to such things until they are in their teens, we can eliminate the problem before it even starts. – Darnell Jordan.

  2. I think video games can effect the minds of kids that are in adolescent stages especially when their minds are interpreting things or picking up things better known as habits. Games such as war games with blood and gore infiltrate the minds of the young kids, so they grow up to be murderers, rapists and things of that nature. Video games are not essentially the main cause of people becoming killers or rapists but they can trigger violent or aggressive behavior. In conclusion video games are a big part of violence today. -Arthur Gaston

  3. I agree with Arthur Gaston, video games can effect kids because everything kids see on TV, they want to be. Another reason why I think that video games are affecting kids is because with the games as excuses, kids think they can stay up all night. You never see kids playing video games for at just an hour. Also, they all look up to the rappers that they see on tv and they start following in behind them, doing the things they rap about doing. Like playing with guns or playing with dice or staying out on these streets all night long. For example, I went over my aunt house and my cousin was in his room playing Grand Theft Auto 5. There’s no telling how long he was playing that game, but I know it did effect his mind.You got kids going to school falling asleep in their classroom and not doing their homework all they because they only think about videogames. These videosgames won’t help you to be successful in life, and it’s like kids have become so obsessed with them that they have the same games on their phones too, so they can always have them. I think they shouldn’t play their games for over an hour, they should play it for like, 10 minutes, not for a hole day. To make it even more sad, parents don’t even care. They just go out and buy the games for them and they wonder why their kids are violent now. -Trevyon Hilliard

  4. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that violent music and video games can make people violent. They do however, make people desensitized to violence, which is almost worse in a way. It seems as if every popular song or video game these days has some reference to violence in one way or another. And when you think about it, the more exposure people have to violence, the less likely it becomes that people will have any emotional reaction towards violence, let alone a negative one. I can also say that i think violent video games and songs help support the idea that violence is entertainment, something to be watched, shared, and laughed at. So though I don’t believe violent video games and violent music actually make people violent, what these things do do have much deeper impacts on the human psyche and cause problems that we have to address. -Greg Broadwater

  5. I feel as though violence itself cannot be blamed for being reflected upon people who are impressionable. “Violence” does not hurt people. People hurt people using violence as a tool. In fact, violence in songs is heard thousands of times a day. Many people, however, are smart enough to know not to impersonate violence as a means of “being cool”. Violence will always be abundant as a culture of America, but we, as a nation, must not only know how to ignore it realistically, but to teach others to dk the same. To put it simply, I implore you to enjoy entertainment, violent or not, but know the limits of impressionism. When you have the opportunity, teach others to enjoy what they like, but not to copy it. We cannot blame violence as an ideal for yhe rise in violende in our community. We have to look to ourselves. No sane man would thank a broom for cleaning, they would thank the man for the work.
    -Marcus Litman

  6. To me, video games do not affect older minds, but younger minds . For example, two sisters age 9 and 10 played a game called slenderman, a slasher game, minutes when the girl stopped playing the game they went to their mom and stabbed her. Days later in front of the court the girls said, the slenderman told them to. This is evidence that some small minds cant handle it. -cordero meggs

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