Kobe? Lebron? Jordan? Who is the Best of All Time?

Well, I think they are all good players, and they all play differently so you really can’t compare them. But if I had to chose I would say Jordan because he had that flu game and killed, he was throwing up all over the place and still was playing. I dont think Lebron or Kobe could do that. -Montell Drake



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  1. No, to me Lebron is the best because Lebron can shoot, Jordan cant. Kobe is not in this picture because Kobe suck. Now yes, Jordan is undefeated but Lebron could dog Jordan in a game. And Lebron will dunk on Jordan and Kobe. -Darnell Jordan

  2. I agree with Darnell, the answer is Jordan no doubt. Jordan does things LeBron and Kobe could only hope to do. Jordan is UNDEFEATED in the finals. Lebron isn’t even close to be undefeated. Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan that this generation will ever see! -Everette Mitchell

  3. They all are very great players and will be remembered for what they did in the NBA. But if I had to pick I would have to go with Michael Jordan only because he played in a game with the flu and played like wasn’t nothing wrong with him.- Denzel Martin

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