The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word

No Room for the Black Man in Prison

There’s no room for black men in prison and it starts with me, I am the defiance of what stereotypes label me. I’ll graduate, have a good career making honest money, and I’ll be the father of my family and the community. I realized as a leader you reap what you sow, then I’ll plant seeds of knowledge in all around me. Though your sticks and stones may break my bones and words may stick like leaches, you’ll never suck the life out of me dry, I’ll live through what I teach. The offspring will never face bleak breeding consciences. My pride is strong and sheek. Forget lifes crutches I’ll be there for you to lean on. A student and dean of my life’s lessons for my son to see every win is a bar limit and in every loss is wisdom. W. E. B. Dubois mentioned a talented tenth, I be the one to double up in strength the length of twenty to infinite… educated black men!- Jaleel Pegues