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Should the Type of Clothing a Person Wears Determine Your Opinion of Him/Her?

I personally don’t think the type of clothes a person wears should affect your judgement of that particular person. Now there’s sort of a “double standard” when it comes down to acceptable clothes for men and women. Guys can wear pretty much anything they very well please, while women have to be conscious of whether or not they’re revealing too much. If a girl decides that she wants to wear daisy dukes and a tank top it should not affect your opinion of that young lady. My best friend, for example, wears clothes that some would say are too revealing and formulate opinions based upon that. Everything you would think about my best friend would be completely wrong; she is the most respectful person I’ve ever met. She’s one of the brightest girls I’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with and she’s also very funny . So why should her choice in clothing take away any of those amazing qualities. Guys are different though. We can get away with wearing pretty much anything except the whole sagging fiasco. Even men who sag shouldn’t be judged based on that though. I sag on occasion, not purposely of course and when I feel it I pull my pants up but I do sag. If you judge me then, oh well, that’s your loss. You just missed out on a highly intelligent and comprehensive young man. I can hold a conversation with people three times my age who have college degrees and not be lost for a second. I don’t find it fair that people would judge or formulate opinions of me because of the way I dress. That’s not only unfair but it’s also disrespectful. Especially in my case, where my pants do slip on occasion. As I stated before though, oh well judge me and you miss out on an excellent young man who will excel at any challenge you put before him. -Arron Black

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  1. I think the key word here is determine. I do not think in any way, shape, or form that any person’s style of dress should determine my opinion about that person. A person’s fashion sense should never be the deciding factor concerning your opinions or beliefs about that particular person. That being said however, I do believe it should definitely factor in to your opinions about that person. Like it or not, how you dress can show a variety of character traits that you posses. It can tell the people who see your outfit whether or not you’re rebellious, clever, intelligent, savvy, swagged out, uncaring, professional, etc. The list goes on and on. But regardless of what a person’s style of dress may hint on regarding that person’s personality, you should never fully determine your opinion of that person until you have taken the time to actually talk to that person. So yes, a person’s fashion sense should weigh into your opinion of that person, but it should not be the determining factor. -Greg Broadwater

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