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Suicide–Why is it the 3rd Leading Cause of Death among Teens?

I think suicide is the 3rd because it is caused by depression. Depression is a mental illness. Depression often leads to bipolar disorder, and that causes drinking, mood swings, lots of energy, and getting too much or too little sleep. All of these lead to either a suicide attempt or a complete suicide. It makes me want to appreciate all that I have in life. -Everette Mitchell


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  1. I think that suicide is the third cause of death among young people because when teens are depressed and are thinking about suicide all they want is a way out. And since they don’t want to go get help they turn to suicide. -Dalen Solomon

  2. Today teens have so much pressure on them. One reason why teens commit suicide because of drugs, depression, or even their own parents. Some parents just are not caught up with the time so then teens have no one to talk to and express their feelings. So they turn to drugs and other things which then makes teens feel like they are useless so they commit suicide. -Arthur Gaston

  3. I believe that suicide is this common when it comes to teens because of school, and stress. According to a leading study: “276,000 young people between the ages 15-25 years try to kill themselves every year; 5000 succeed.” It could be avoided. Lives could be saved if we could just stop bullying, less score-impacting assignments, and reach out to our students more. Activities are the gateways to hobbies, and even friends. We have to unite ourselves, not as students, or as teachers, or even as parents…but as people.

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