The Hottest Rapper in the Game is?

I think that Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper nowadays. He definitely is the best lyricist. I’m a fan of lots of rappers like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Eminem but Kendrick Lamar has a different vibe with his music. Drake is a fantastic artist but sometimes he doesn’t really say anything that either grabs my attention or something that I understand. Lil Wayne is almost as close to Kendrick on my list, his energy is amazing but his lyrics aren’t as solid. Also in my opinion I believe that J.Cole will be the best rapper in time. Some of his songs top Kendrick’s and eventually he’ll top everyone. So on  my list, Kendrick Lamar and J . Cole stand on top. -James Banks


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  1. The Hottest Rapper in the Game is Meek Mills because its like when he rap, he tells story in his lyrics that I can relate to. Also, real recognized real because when Meek Mill signed Lil Snupe, turned out he was the truth too and he also said rhythms that I can relate too. R.I.P SNUPE – Denzel Martin

  2. Drake is the best rapper in the game, hands down. We’re talking about the guy who is only 27 years old and already owns the record for most singles to top the charts. He just has a way of connecting with so many different types of people because he is not afraid to show his true self on the mic. His entire self, every feeling, every emotion, every situation, no matter what it is he is not afraid to spit it on the mic. Other rappers worry about whether or not they will sound too this or that on the mic while Drake just spits and whatever happens, happens. The man can sing, rap, write, and act, so there aren’t many in the game as talented as he is either. All in all, Drake is the best and I’m not sure that fact can be disputed. -Greg Broadwater

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