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What are Your Plans for being Successful this School Year?

My plans to be more successful this upcoming school year are: first, to have a plan for my grades to improve by having a 1 on 1 study session with all my teachers at least once or twice a week. Second, I plan on keeping my mom, teachers, guidance counselors all on the same page by communicating more effectively. I also plan keeping a planner so I can know about what should be done each week so I can try to stay ahead of my classes and even work ahead of the teacher. Third, I’m join more groups and programs that help more for my future, college, and lifestyle. I’m trying to start a non-profit organization while I attempt to go to states in all the sports that I play this year so that colleges will looking at me already. I am also trying to start socially networking so I can start  staying in touch with colleges, authors, judges, business owners, etc that I meet and that will help me in the future. I think if I start to do this or at least half of the stuff on my plan I should have a successful school year. -Tyrone Sims