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Why do so many Stereotypes still Exist for African American Youth?

I feel that stereotypes still exist in our youth for many different factors, but the one I have experienced the most would be on a educational front. Why? Because in my experience only one teacher of another race, I met known how to work with kids from high risk environments. You could bring in your high caliber teaching degrees from a private or suberb school, but like many teachers fail at the very basic human connection to sympathize or empathize with us in urban areas. And too many teachers either go in with doubts, assumptions, and biases or lack to relate there have been studies that show results in the classroom of young children denying the innocence of black people doing the exact same that white are doing . There for it has created a hindrance for the student and teacher. This begins with what I like to call “surviving the times” living pay check to pay check without doing your job. And kids get use to not learning. Threrfor run the school. If you come from a place of no pride you become a scavenger to find it whatever means necessary good and bad so I believe that teachers should be trained to work with kids of a different background so they wouldn’t know how to better simulate the false accusations of our youth. Basically meeting the children where they are and sometimes that means going the extra mile for example I once had a teacher who bought me wrestling shoes for my wrestling dreams even after the school district took wrestling out of school sports. Not saying that teachers have to be the same way but there needs to be a start, I taught her who I was and then she taught me. And for the majority schools do not teach us pride we only learned about slavery and Dr. King on the surface. safe enough for teachers of another race to be comfortable and for us to be detached from slaves but the inexplicable felling is the same. And we call ourselves pilgrims by the age of 6 before we comprehend we are African American or learn about Abraham Lincoln before Frederick Douglass. The american psychological association stated that young black boys at 10 lose all innocence before white children in the same age bracket does, So change the curriculum and teach the teachers. -Jaleel Pegues

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  1. I think that so many stereotypes still exist for African Americans because people only go off what they hear instead of going and actually doing research on a certain race or culture. Also some of the stereotypes are just made to be funny which is still not okay to do. Most people who make these stereotypes or repeat them don’t know much about the race they are making fun of. They are simply saying them to say them, which is just as bad, if not worse than those people who actually mean them when they say them.-Dalen Solomon

  2. So many sex still exist for African American Youth because first of all they use the fourth grade OAA Test to determine how many prisons they make. Plus the community expects us to be unruly and undisciplined savages. So when we show people that we have manners, discipline, and common sense, people look so cool or act like this is “so wonderful”. No, if role models, people of the community,teachers, and parents show the youth how they’re suppose to act and be, as well as telling them to set their standards as high as the sky can go, then the stereotypes will be no more. The thing is: we have teachers not teaching and kids growing up in poverty who need money for them and their families. Since the schools are not helping them to get that, they don’t focus and drop out or fail. Also parents and teachers are not talking and helping the kids with their problems or they’re igonirning them but they still expect us youth to be these kids who get straight A’s, don’t get bullied, have problems, treat everybody with respect and be well-mannered. All of these problems help contribute to the fact that, streotypes still exist for African-American Youth. – Tyrone Sims

  3. I honestly believe that the plethora of stereotypes that exist for the African American youth are still in existence because youth seem to no longer care about those stereotypes. The problem is i’m not sure whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, it seems as if youth are living their lives without a care as to whether or not people are labeling them at all. This side has its positives, considering there was a time when those same labels controlled every single aspect of our lives. But on the other hand, this carefree style of living is leading to actions that fuel these same stereotypes we are working so hard to ignore. And to me that’s the essence of the problem, we as a people seem to be ignoring the problem instead of addressing it. -Greg Broadwater

  4. I think people stereotype other people because then they don’t have to do the work of getting to know them – they just get to know the “pigeonholes” they put other person in, but not the individual themself.

    It takes a strong person to say, “I don’t fit in any pigeonhole. I am a big person: big in character, big in spirit. I am true to myself and what I believe.”

    No matter if it is African American youth, old ladies, people from the suburbs – no one deserves to be stereotyped. We are all individuals, all unique from each other. These differences make us stronger, as a society.

    What a wonderful thing it is when we learn to understand people who are different from ourselves!

    Blessings to DGSW! Stay true!

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