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  1. I think social networks like Facebook or KIK offer the opportunity to just talk with your friends to just hang out, maybe play a game or two, or just chat. Thats how I see it. But if someone is spreading beef on social media they either would’ve said it to the face of the person they have beef with or they are just cowards like Aron said. But I disagree with his other statement that people use social media to somehow hide from society and become famous at the same time. But the reality is that some really nice people get famous and are really good people in society from what they did on Youtube or Facebook or whatever. Its not really why they spend so much time on these sites, its just what they do on them that compels them to people to stay on for so long. -James Banks

  2. The answer, in my opinion, to this question is simple. It’s so much easier to be social on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram. The reason for this is the lack of social pressure attached to interacting online as opposed to face-to-face. A person can have an extreme boost in confidence when interacting socially online because they don’t have to worry about things like how they are dressed that day or whether or not they smell bad because they won’t actually be being seen, or smelled for that matter. Also, there’s minimal nervousness attached to interacting online because you don’t have to worry about blurting out the wrong thing or your facial expressions giving away your true feelings because you have all the time in the word to formulate exactly what you want to say and, like I said before, there’s no chance of you being seen. Like Aaron stated above, you can be whoever you want to be on social media sites where as in life, the same just cannot be said. Reality has a type of in your face, blunt honesty that social media sites simply ignore. In life you have to be honest about who you are because eventually it will all come to light. On social media however, staying in the dark for good requires you simply to create an email address. -Greg Broadwater

  3. I think the technology that we have today has made us lazy, or in other words, has made us spoiled. My opinion is that social media is slowly taking the minds of the youth and so kids can’t have a good, educational conversation because they can’t socialize. Personally, as a teen I stay on the social media but I love talking to people. Its okay to be a social media geek but make sure you are communicating with people verbally just as much. -Denzil Martin

  4. One of the main reasons teens find solitude online is that there are so many levels of anonymity. All teens, regardless of age or popularity, go through a stage of being accepted. It’s a scary process, believe me, I know. People are often judged prior to ever being met by those who judge them. On the internet, friends are made, and they judge you simply off of what you tell them. For example, if a person with social anxiety tries to hold a conversation, they might fail or be embarrassed. They might be labeled weird and avoided by others (ergo “pre-determined judgement”). Online however, they could message a friend comfortably, and without someone else judging them. This is why teens spend more hours on social media than on actually being social. We’ve created a double standard in which we are all judging, while hoping to avoid being judged ourselves. Being online offers a creative solution to that problem, and we have to determine whether that is a good alternative or a dangerous one.

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