Will Lebron Come Back to Cleveland?

I think that Lebron will come back to Cleveland because he is a free agent, and Dwayne Wade is about to retire because he’s only got one more year. Lebron, in my opinion, is going to come back to Cleveland. Most people in Cleveland want Lebron to come back because he knows that he left people in Cleveland thinking that he is a traitor. Even though Lebron has done very well with the Heat, and people enjoy him doing well with Chris Bosh and Ray Allen, people want to see Lebron with Kyrie Irving. -Raymond Sawyer


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  1. In my opinion, the Cavs would do much better with the addition of Lebron James. I think the Cavs would have a better chance at making the playoffs, or maybe even making the finals. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters could be a big help to Lebron. They may not make it to the finals the first year but in a year or two but I think they will be a good team. They have enough talent but the Cavs have a very young roster which will be hard for them in the long run. -Dalen Solomon

  2. To me I don’t think Lebron is going to come back because when he went to Miami he won two MVP’s and two NBA rings. And he made it to the finals 4 times in a row. Also, since Lebron left the Cavs haven’t made it to the playoffs one time. And Lebron has proven to be better than Kevin Durant by making the finals 4 times. Yes Kevin Durant got the MVP this year. but he’s not better than Lebron. So when you consider how great of a player he is and the success he has already had in Miami, why would he leave? You know they say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Four straight trips to the finals doesnt sound like a broken team to me. Lebron will stay in Miami. – Darnell Jordan

  3. I think Lebron is coming back because Cleveland, out of all the teams in NBA, has a history with Lebron. Most of the media say that he probably will return because it is his hometown. My opinion is that he should return because this time he has a good team around him with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Also, considering how unmatched they were in the Finals this year, Lebron needs to surround him self with good, young talent, something that the Heat clearly can’t give him. -Arthur Gaston

  4. I think Lebron is not coming back to Cleveland because why would he come back to Cleveland where he didn’t even get any rings? When he left Cleveland to go to a different team called the Heat, he probably was thinking in his head, I’m starting off too small and I need to be with a better team than this. Every since he been with the Heat, he’s won rings. This year, I dont know what team he will go to, but I know it wont be Cleveland. -Trevyon Hilliard

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