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Do You Think All Black Males Are Going to Jail?

Hello my name is Trevyon Hilliard and I do believe that all black males are going to jail because where I live, I see older males and young males my age in front of the corner store selling drugs.  Inside of Glenville High School, the school I go to, most males sell drugs. And now a days it seems as if society is setting us up for life in jail anyways, by pouring more money into jail houses than schools, by providing us with teachers who hate their jobs, and by the stereotypes  ingrained in the minds of corporate bosses that make it impossible for us to get jobs. With the way our world is set up today, of course I believe all black males are going to jail. -Trevyon Hilliard

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  1. I agree with Trey completely. How can I not believe all black men are headed for prison when it seems as if society is basically setting us up to head in that direction from the time we are children? I mean, there seems to be no effort by our government, our elders, or anyone one else to ingrain in black youth the importance of an education if were being honest. Sure, the government and our elders come and post posters advising us to stay in school and they send people to give talks about the significance of diplomas and degrees but that’s where there duty ends. Kids are still left with the same terrible teachers who either by their actions and, in many cases, their own words let these kids know that they have no future in education. Which leads them to the streets or to low paying jobs, both of which makes them desperate. Desperate enough to do whatever it takes to get out of their situations, and since they’ve already been taught that education isn’t a path they’re fit to walk on, they turn to more illegal measures which lands them in jail. The cradle to prison pipeline is ever present, and it almost seems as if it will remain so until we all are right where they want us to be: behind bars. -Greg Broadwater

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