A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Career Shadowing Reflection 1

Today we visited the Cleveland Municipal Justice Center where we got to sit in on different proceedings in different courtrooms. The first judge that we were with was Judge Pinkie Carr.  One case we watched was a domestic violence case.The lady who was testifying won and the bond of the man who did it was $10,000. Another man was caught with a gun connected to the shooting of a four year old. His bond was $25,000. There also was a man who had kidnapping and attempted murder on his record. I don’t know what he was convicted of but his bond was $100,000. Also there was even a rape case were the bond was $100,000. After that, we went to a new courtroom. This judge’s name was Emanuella Groves and was talking about smaller cases. We got to sit in the jury box and watch these cases. It made me feel weird watching all these people get their bonds. Some people I felt bad for,  some people I thought deserved more. Especially the rape case I felt that he go off easy. -Dalen Solomon