A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Career Shadowing Reflection 1

Today I visited the Cleveland Municipal Justice Center. My experience at the court house was eye opening. I was surprised when I heard the bonds set on people, some of these bonds were as high as $100,000, and some were as low as $5,000. The highest one I ever heard was $20,000,000, and it was set on Anthony Sowell: who raped and killed 11 women.
Some of the cases i heard today also surprised me.One person was charged with receiving stolen goods. There was a  felony charge of murder and kidnapping placed on another person. There even was a young man who didn’t finish high school, and was locked up because of drugs.

I also learned that  felonious assault charges include a restraining order. These keep you from contacting anyone in the victims family, or friends. It upset me to see people of my color doing stupid stuff. How could a man put his hands on a woman?  It’s sickening, I know. It’s hard in the world, but to have to carry a hidden weapon? African American males should not be killing one another over a girl or a game; it is not a good look. How is it that you can get robbed over a pair of shoes or whatever clothes you have on? This should never be a reality because there should be peace. -Everette Mitchell