A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Career Shadowing Reflection 1

Today I went to the Cleveland Municipal Justice Center.  I had a good time. It was very informative.  I heard so many different types of cases. I heard everything from rape to domestic abuse. The domestic abuse cases really got to me on a personal level though.  I am a firm believer in men not putting their hands on women. I dont understand how a man can put his hands on a woman and still consider himself a man.  I don’t think a man, a well respected man, should ever get that angry to hit or otherwise abuse a woman. What does a man get out of hitting a woman? Does it make him feel strong? Great, you’re stronger than a woman, wow. God intended it to be that way. So it doesn’t make sense as to why you would bring intentional pain upon your better half.
I apologize, I got sidetracked. My point was a judge can see a number of different cases. On any  given day a judge can see murder cases and then see transit cases. I witnessed two judges in action today: Judge Carr and Judge Groves. Judge Carr dealt with the felonious cases and Judge Groves dealt with the more misdemeanor cases, just the appeals. The bonds set on felonies are ridiculous.  I saw bonds set as low as $5,000; I saw bonds as high as $100,000. These bonds are ridiculous.  What I take away from today is that getting into trouble is way easier then getting  out.-Aaron Black