A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Career Shadowing Reflection 1

Today’s career shadowing day was good for my first time. I went to Cleveland Municipal Justice Center. I went to see Judge Carr and Judge Grooves. It wasn’t a waste of time because the experience taught me about people struggles and one case we saw was little bit disturbing because they were talking about rape. My thoughts about this particular situation are that I don’t know how a girl as young  she was, who was not even out of college yet, is getting beat by a man she once loved in the beginning. Now, she gotta go through all this pain.  It’s a shame that a man she once loved could do such terrible things to her. She’s been raped, abused, mistreated and the fact she is still alive and was able to tell the judge about her story was amazing. The courage of this woman made me feel like she was a strong black woman. As terrible as her ordeal was, it was her courage that I will always remember and that helped make this day good. -Raymond Sawyer