A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Career Shadowing Reflection 2

Today I had a career shadowing day at the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland. I learned about  the dangers of shooting heroine and using dirty syringes which could lead to risks such as AIDS. We also learned about a drug called Naloxone that is used to help someone who has overdosed on drugs, such as heroine. It seemed weird to me that they also gave out clean syringes that could enable a drug addict, but if they overdose, someone could administer the drug and within 2-8 minutes, and they would be fine. If they’re giving them all the supplies to do drugs, wouldn’t that feed their addiction? Also (even though I won’t be having it any time soon), I learned about safe sex and using condoms. They can be used to prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. A couple months ago, a group of kids from the Cleveland School of the Arts did a play telling us about not having sex until you’re ready, to do it safely when we do, and to always check for AIDS. This whole day brought back some memories. -James Banks