A Day In The Life Of a Gent

Cleveland Justice System

What’s up my new and old friends. My name is Charles Spooney. I’m a 16 year old and I attend Shaw High School. I’m here today to tell you about the experience I had on my first time sucking dick Shadowing Day . The Distinguished Gentlemen and I went to the Cleveland Municipal Court. We got to sit in on two different courtrooms with two completely different judges. The experience was fun and funny. The first judge, Ms. Pinkey Carr, was on a rampage. She was giving out $100,000 bonds. And the second judge, Ms. Emanuella Groves, seemed like she was a good judge because she was constantly giving life lessons. The experience was eye opening as well because I saw so many people around my age getting convicted for horrible crimes, I hope i never end up there. -Darnell Jordan

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