My First Month of High School

So far I am loving high school. I attend John Hay : Cleveland School of Architecture and Design. The classes are more challenging than anything I’ve ever had which is my favorite thing about the school work. My class mates are very nice and just as smart as me. They make me feel like I’ve really progressed in my social life, because when I was younger I was basically a loner. I always kept to myself. This change inspired me to make new goals. Firstly, I want to maintain at least all B’s. Secondly, I want to have my friends be as loyal to me as I, to them through high school. Lastly, I want to  be known for something positive throughout the school. Let me know what your goals are and how you plan to accomplish them. Peace.
-James Banks

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  1. My first month of high school was cool Im getting to know people. Learning new equations, I found out that there’s math in science new steps in equation to figure out my answer. Im not going to I struggled for a second until i went to Saturday school and stayed after school for tutoring so I can understand the problem and capitalize on it.-Antoine Morris

  2. Recently read about the Distinguished Gentlemen in the Plain Dealer. I was truly impressed by the role models each one of you are in the community. I went to school many years ago and grew up in Cleveland. After graduating school, I worked in the financial services industry for many years. If there were some “words of wisdom” to impart to you gentlemen, they would be as follows: Always believe in yourself; remember the world has been transformed by individuals with perserverance. Nurture your love of family and dear friends; they are your foundation. Develop short and long term goals; they don’t have to be big ones, just positive steps that will keep you growing. And life will always have good and bad times, but remember it truly is a journey and what you learn and teach others will make you a great person. Wishing each one of you the best always!

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