Racism unscripted: out of bonds of the sports color barrier

White America through political statements and media becomes a true bench wormer in the hot seat of sports along side  black America’s “sport sit iners”. These great athletes cross the color barrier of superior and inferior, black and white TV.1936, in the summer Olympics hosted in Berlin, Germany, the so called “Aryan race” proclaimed to prove their dominance and superiority. But an African American  named Jesse Owens from Cleveland, Ohio, by him self  defeated such faulty assumptions by Hitler, winning four gold medals that day. In 1938 Hitlers favorite boxer Max Schmeling, in a mach up with Joe Louis, beyond trading blow for blow, but to prove superiority of the favored race. Joe Louis in the first round knocks out Schmeling and the insignificant ideas of inferiority black people. He was the symbol black pride in his time! Then in 1964, a boxer became an activists,  Muhammad Ali vs. the U.S. Army draft for Vietnam case; in one of the most powerful machines in his life , and won! Ali is a powerful figure out of the Nation of Islam and spoke for black liberation. Other sport figures like Tommie Smith and John Carlo in the Olympics of 1968 on a worldwide stage, during the Star Spangled Banner, lefted ther fist and sang! “Certainly if such revolutionary change can be brought about in baseball, it can also be brought about in education, in transportation, and any other area of our American life”- Jackie Robinson, he to was an activists once retired from baseball, joining forces with the NAACP, and the civil rights movement and marches even with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  There a many athletes known and unknown for the contributions or moral integrity for black America that I know, I incurage anyone who know of an athlete worthy of being in this conversation even if a ther current events like Donald Sterling and the Clippers or the NFL vs  use of the N word on the field or any racial sler in Jeremy Lins case. Sports fans lets talk!

I have also learned that 4000, years ago in Egypt, the sport Hockey began its origins. Hieroglyphics in Beni, Hassan shows black people playing the sport. The ball was made of compressed papyrus fibers coverd with leather. Another sport that originated  out of Egyp is the game of football/ soccer, hieroglyphs and balls made of linen or animal skin dating back 2500 BC. was found as evidence. Also a black man before Jackie Robinson named Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first to play with a major league franchise during the Reconstruction Era. Because of a bitter south, in 1889, Jim crow laws forced him to quick. Also in the late 1800s, people like Oliver Lewis, William Walker, Isaac Murphy, Alonzo Lonnie Clayton, and so many more constantly set records and led victories as black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby. – Jaleel Pegues

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