Christopher Columbus, and the discovery of… America…?

In America,  it has been tradition to celebration  Christopher Columbus Day mainly because he was the first to “find” America and while it maybe  widely excepted, and others who belive to ban it as a Holliday for various reasons. I use to reflect why am i out of school on this day, and what dose it mean to me. And because I was ignorant up untill resent years, i did not know how to respond if someone asked me. My current knowledge on this subject has to do with first, how i identify myself, and because i am black in America i can now answer back, ” Christopher Columbus was a EUROPEAN, and for EUROPEAN scolars,  EUROPEAN historians, and EUROPEAN people of decent who are now teachers, give one spectrum to look at history chronologically as it relates to the Christopher Columbus first interaction with the indigenous people and the Spanish colonies of America and  his involvement in the enslavement of AFRICANS (which is not mentioned about his life yet further in the same history books they deem slavery only a few chapters ahead of 1492) . So Because I am black/ AFRICAN -American, I find faces of Africoid features like the Spanish African freemen who saled with him as navigators in 1492,  Muhammad Al idrisi,  the olmec civilization, the Malian empire,  the  Egyptians,  and so many more.one hundred plus years before Columbus. And these people traded, influence, and settled in the Americas with the indigenous people. So I do not celebrate Christopher Columbus Day because I do not relate to it. Leave your opinions let’s continue the dialogue – Jaleel Pegues

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