How Do You Feel About The Killing of Tamir Rice?

How do I feel about the Tamir Rice incident? The topic is really direct. There’s no margin for error with this topic. Basically what the police wants us the public to believe is that; the big bad police officers were scared of a twelve year old little boy. Let’s not even focus on the fact that the kid had a fake gun, but instead focus on the fact that it’s against the law to open fire without being threatened. Tamir Rice’s parents lost their son because the police didnt want to apprehend the TWELVE YEAR OLD supect. -Arron Black

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  1. Why are all of the black people getting killed by police officer when black kid put there his hands in there pocket they will get shot
    It’s not fair for us . And a boy bought a water gun and a woman think it is real and he bought it from the store.And the kidnapping need to stop the aldut is getting kidnap. It just the world is going crazy. -Thomas bolwaire P.S the world need to change now.

  2. I think that the Cleveland police department should not of killed tamir rice or even let the man who shot him into to the department. We are born with a target as a birthmark. But does that mean shoot ? We as African American people are stereotyped just for being black. Mujahid hamzah

  3. First off, Tamir shouldn’t have wave a fake gun that look real. These kids nowadays try to prove they are tough holding fake or real guns. Second off, the cop could have prevented the outcome base off their training procedures. Thirdly, change should not only come from the police, but as well as us as a people. Change is not just one group of peoples responsibility but all of ours. We as people need to not fall into the bad stereotypes.

  4. Why are we black people being killed by police officers? When a black child puts his hands in his pockets in front of an officer, he is deemed dangerous. We are often targeted, and with that we become a member of a dangerous race, that should be dealt with viciously. It isn’t fair to us. For example, a boy buys a water gun from the store and a woman thinks it is a real weapon. She acts accordingly and rather than investigating, the police kill him in cold blood. This is our reality. The world is going crazy and we can change, it is in our power. It is our responsibility.
    -Thomas Bolwaire

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