Hollywood vs. Tradition: Does one live without the other

In the fairytale land of America, Hollywood that is, ther seems to be  some problems  with  Black folk playing what they call ” traditional roles.” I am talking about  how America  is so quick to respond to Quvenzhané Wallis playing the role as Annie, the talk of a new spiderman being African American, or even the talk of Idris Elba playing in the next 007 movie. They say that it is not tradition.  And with out it being  about color, what else is it really?  Im sure Target has the answer after refusing to use Quvenzhané Wallis as poster child for Annie advertisement. Yet people want to bring up tradition… in that case Jesus should look like Leon Robinson,  and every movie based in Ancient Egypt should be condemned as long as a white face exist in it and the list goes on. But this is Hollywood right. So let’s play pretend and the next time that some one of color plays a role other then the Butler, Madea, and Django that goes against the traditional narrative of color folk in Hollywood,  the Rock has a saying for you “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Because they both go hand and hand Hollywood is just a glamorous and dramatic version of a ugly reflection of today society and influence.

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