Are whoopings abuse or not?

Whoopings or should I say spankings, which one is right. In a lot of conversations this subject come up. I believe whoopings are not abuse until the person make it abuse. What I am saying is that whoopings are abuse when you put marks on the child, or whoop them just because you want to, or you use a belt or a switch. I believe whoopings should be legal to a certain point. Whoopings are a sign of dicipline and I believe that youth in today society need more dicipline. I also believe that perants should not always be ready to get a belt in every problems. I believe that perants should listen to their children before they start to get the belt and/or switch. Rainbow hospital support that spankings should be open handed. When adults hit adults with switches and belts and dangerous material things the person who hit the victim goes to jail. But when a adult hit their child with a switch or a belt they do not go to jail because it is their child and I believe that this is wrong. Spankings are a nice way to say woopings but they mean the same things. Whoopings are only abuse when you make it. Whoopings or should I say spankings can you tell me?


Jaziah Shipp

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