The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word

A Dream Long Deferred but not Deterred: Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word reach out to perform for President Obama

Photo taken in front of the United States Embassy in Paris, France

Dear fellow citizens,

The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word, since 2008, have dreamt of performing for President Barack Obama. We realize that this is his last year in office, and though he gave his union address, we feel that we still have a chance. We ask for everyone’s support in signing our petition which needs 100,000 signatures in order to get the attention of the White House. After all the countless calls, emails, videos, and mailings of typed/hand-written letters, books, and CDs – we have not reached the attention we strive for. We ask that you help us!




Update: As of February 25, 2016, the petition is no longer open for signatures. We will update everyone soon with the results. Thank you all for your support!