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Distinguished Gentlemen

Kent State University

Kent State University was a very educational and  fun experience. There were things that i learned today that I’ve never knew. We took a trip around the college campus. I learned important things like grades matter whole lot in high school.You can also get scholarships to go to […]

Kent State University

My  experiences  of Kent State are the room service,  and  I like  how the  people  send the  food  to  your dorm room for you. And  I  like  how  the  place set out. Also  they  have  a  recreation  center that  have a  swimming  pool,Rock climbing and a weight  room.- […]

Why are all of the black people getting killed by police officer when black kid put there his hands in there pocket they will get shot It’s not fair for us . And a boy bought a water gun and a woman think it is real and he […]

DG update

My first time reading something histical was with my friends, The Distinguished Gentlemen Of Spoken Word . The book ” The Death Of A King ” is a fascinating and lets you know more about Martin Luther  King jr. I learned that the FBI sent docter king a […]

To Much

To Much     Its to much for mothrr earth to die right after birth its alot to dispurse its like the devil gave us a curse that we try to reverse but still a flower blooms and dosent rehurse and we lay in a hurse while women […]