Career Shadowing-Cleveland Municipal Court

Derrick Washington

My day at the court house was interesting, for the most part. At certain times it seemed extremely repetitive but at other times it was spontaneous. I’ve learned a lot about the process now that I had a chance to shadow this job. I’ve learned how bonds are given out, and how attorneys defend their clients. I know that you must turn off all electronics, and be very attentive. Next time I go on a job shadowing, I will dress more appropriately to impress the judges. Today’s trip was a great learning experience.

Dalen Solomon

Today we visited the Cleveland Municipal Justice Center. One case we watched was a domestic violence case. The first judge that we were with was judge Pinkie Carr. The lady who was testyfying won and the bond of the man who did it was $10000. Another man was caught with a gun connected to the shooting of a four year old. His bond was $25,000. There also was a man who had kidnapping and attempted murder on his record. I don’t know what he was convicted of but his bond was $100,000. Also there was a rape case were the bond was $100,000. After that, we went to a new courtroom. This judges name was judge Emanuella Groves was talking about smaller cases. We got to sit in the jury box snd watch the cases. It , made me feel weird watching all these people get thier bonds. Some people I felt bad for Some people I thought deserved more. Especially the rape case I felt that he go off easy.

Arthur Gaston

Today was one of my greatest experiences. I went to the Municipal Court in Downtown Cleveland. I’m honestly shocked at how many domestic violence cases there were. I heard one case where this girl was getting beat by her boyfriend I dont understand how a young woman that pretty could even go through such a thing. Then another thing that blew me was the bonds. Like, for instance if you did a misdemonor it boost up to $5,000 to $50,000. This effected my way of thinking because the way I saw how the people that got in trouble looked i cant picture myself in that predicament. The first judge I met was Judge Pinkey Carr. The second one was Judge Emmanuela Groves. The judges together seemed a little mean at times that just my point of view.

Arron Black

Today I went to the Cleveland Municipal Justice Center.  I had a good time. It was very informative.  I heard so many different types of cases. I heard everything from rape to domestic abuse. The domestic abuse cases really got to me on a personal level though.  I am a firm believer in men not putting their hands on women. I dont understand how a man can put his hands on a woman and still consider himself a man.  I dont think a man, a well respected man should ever get that angry to hit or otherwise abuse a woman. What does a man get out of hitting a woman. Does it make him feel strong,  great you’re stronger than a woman, Wow. God intended it to be that way. So it doesn’t make sense as to why you would put intentional pain on your better half.

I apologize I got sidetracked. My point was a judge can see a number of different cases. On any  given day a judge can see murder cases and then see transit cases. I witnessed two judges in action today ; Judge Carr and Judge Groves. Judge Carr dealt with the felonious cases and Judge Groves dealt with the more misdemeanor cases, just the appeals. The bonds set on felonies are ridiculous.  I saw bonds set as low as $5,000. I saw bonds as high as $100,000. These bonds are ridiculous.  What I take away from today is that getting into trouble is way easier then getting  out.

Trevyon Hilliard

Hello my name is Trevyon Hilliard  and I went to the Cleveland  Municipal Justice  Center   and I didn’t like  it  because  it was young  people and  their  my age  getting charged  for rape and  charged for robbery  judge groves asked  one of what they want to do in the future  and they couldn’t  even answers that  questions  the  judge  bond  really did  shocked me  I  didn’t know that bounds was that high when I get older enough  to be able to do  things  for  my self  like  to have  my own  house  and to have  my own car I don’t want to be in the same place like the young people I saw today in the corte room  I would say that
My brother was in one of those corte but I dont know which one it was  I  visit  my brother in a  rehabilitation center

Charles Spooney

Wassup my new and old friends. My name is Charles Spooney. I’m a 16 year old and I attend Shaw High School. I come to tell you about the experience of the day . The Distinguished Gentlemen and I have went to the Cleveland Municipal Court. The experience was fun and funny. Mrs,Carr was on a rampage. She was giving $100,000 bonds. And the second judge like her she is a good person Mrs,Groves Give life lessons.



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