Career Shadowing-Juvenile Court

Dalen Solomon

Today we went to the Juvenile Justice Center and career shadowed Judge Rini. The first case we watched was an arraignment, the teen we were sitting in on was being charged with 2 counts of rape, 2 counts of kidnapping, 2 counts of sexual battery, abduction, 2 counts of gross sexual imposition and 1 count of sexual imposition. The second case we watched was a 15 year old boy. He was charged with aggravated robbery and obstructing official bussiness. The third case we watched was a case with 2 boys who were charged with aggravated robbery and obstructing official business. One of the boys were also charged with drug posseion and trafficking. We also met different Judges and Magistrates we met judge Ryan and Magistrate  Rucker and Magistrate Nickerson.


Today we went to the juvenile justice. To  career shaodow JUDGE RINI.
We set in on a couple arainments and one review they where all good and it gave me a good taste of how juvenile court works. Just RINI said that alot of the young men that come in her court don’t know the constitute which was very interesting and made me want to make sure I never forget the constitution. I got to sit in the judges chair and they took great care of us. We met Judge ryan, MAGISTRATE RUCKER & MAGISTRATE NICKERSON. I your wondering what’s the difference between a judge and a magistrate  its a 70,000 doller difference. We had a great tour around the building it was kinda like a behind the scenes. even though I would never do anything stupid that could hurt my future today’s experience made really look at life and I definitely don’t ever want to stand in front of a judge.

Trevyon Hilliard

Hello my name is Trevyon Hilliard and  today we  shadow  at the juvenile  justice  Center  the 1 Judge that we went to  was judge Denise N. Rini one  of her case that I remember was a young male  that was 17 years old that was charged for 2 rape and charged for 2 kidnapped  then after that Judge Denise N. Rini took us on a tour she showed us Different  Cort rooms  and  then we went to Judge  Magistrate Nickersan one of his cases was  he had a young meal that came from juvenile he was supposed to go home to day but he wasn’t doing anything  that he was told do so now Jude Magistrate is given him a another chance to get his self  to gather  judge Magistrate said if  he  get any bad report while he is in juvenile  that he is not  going  any where  judge Denise N. Rini was telling us that no person shall have no sexual contact with another, not the spouse of the offender for  the purpose of preventing  resistance, the offender substantially impairs the other person judgement or  control by  administering any druge,  intoxicant, or controlled substance to the other person surreptitiously or by force, threat of  force, or deception .

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