Avery Swanson

10157183_10203765550002713_587125706943047076_nAvery W. Swanson, 24 years old, was born on October 5 1989 in Cleveland, Ohio to Diana O. McDonald and Darren Crawford. Avery is the youngest of his his mother’s three children, all of which are boys. In high school, Avery was an active and popular kid, constantly involved in street fashion shows and even won Homecoming King in 2007. Avery joined The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word in 2005 and became the manager of the group. Some of his favorite memories include the performances at various churches, schools, nursing homes, colleges, and recreation centers he had the fortune of being apart of. Avery also remembers the opportunities DGSW provided him to open up for many famous figures such as: Bill Cosby, Bernice King, Barron Davis, and various political figures. Avery’s interests include travelling, writing, and hanging out with his familly and friends. Avery loves going to the movies, riding his bike, and going to amusement parks. These days, Avery is working as a banquet server for both the Ritz Carlton, and the Intercontinental Hotel, while also volunteering at the Cleveland Clinic as the First Poet In Residence. Avery has also been recording some of his original works, including his song “Over Comer:”, which he recorded with his friend, Jerica. Avery says that the Distinguished Gentlemen introduced poetry into his life, which ignited a passion in him. Poetry has continued to be an integral part of Avery’s life even after DGSW, helping him to network with all types of different people while allowing him to show those people a different light on the world. Avery wants to someday become a screenwriter and he is planning on going back to school for filming in August 2015.

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