Elmo Vales

405731_361416823884913_879570376_nElmo Vales was born on January 20th, 1993. He is one of three children and has two sisters. Elmo graduated from Glennville High School in 2011 and will be a Junior at Youngstown State University this upcoming school year. He is majoring in Criminal justice and plans to one day work in the Law Enforcement or some other facet of the Justice System. Elmo likes fashion and his hobbies include basketball, working out, and cooking for himself or others. Quite simply, The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word changed Elmo’s life. He says, “It took me out of the streets and gave me a place where I can be me, have a free spirit, and  be creative. The group gave me a chance to use my mind and it open doors for me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Who else can say that at 13 and 16 years old that they have already published a book and a CD?” He also says that there are things he learned about being a man and a professional as well as other life lessons that he learned at 14 and now he’s and college with friends who still don’t know those things. It was his mother who convinced him to join the group at first but after a while it became a home away from home for Elmo. He can clearly see the impact DGSW had and continues to have on his decision making and his overall growth as a person. He also has some words of wisdom for all current Distinguished Gentlemen and all future members that come in the form of his favorite quote,”If a man has not discovered something he is willing to die for, his isn’t fit to live.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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