Lamar Pace




Lamar Pace was born on August 1, 1992. Life before the Distinguished Gentlemen for Lamar Pace was difficult to say the least. He had moved to the suburbs from East Cleveland but he didn’t care much for the future. Lamar was adopted by a couple of different families and at that time in his life, he was a confused, rebel child who only wanted to rap. Lamar was always outgoing, playing every sport or constantly involved in extra curricularactivities, but that didn’t change his lack of effort towards what mattered most for him to grow wiser and become something special. Lamar joined the Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word one day when his mom called him saying her new job was, in fact,  working with the group and for Ms. Honey Bell-Bey. His mom knew he liked to rap, saw his immense potential and knew instantly that this was a poetry group who could help him. According to him, he immediately ignored the things she said like “Langston Hughes or its not rap though,” thinking it was still like a rap group. From that point on, his life took a turn for the best and he got to tour the states and perform for people who know nothing about him. These days, Lamar is living in Miami, FL and his plans are still the same except he has taken the Indie route to help him hone his craft. He plans on organizing Love and Peace festivals annually for all of the arts/performing arts artists in the world that he has networked with. For his craft, he has made himself a home studio so he can work to build up his reputation as a professional producer/audio engineer. Lamar wants to start a music group that  will specialize in Rap, R&B and experimental hip hop and his dream is for the group to eventually transform into a live band.  Upon retirement, Lamar plans on starting an academy for the arts in which the all who are young enough to apply will be accepted. He says it will be a very mature, spiritual place for networking, teaching, and creating; basically a castle for the world’s young artists to come and learn or give back, all for the love of their crafts.

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